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Sanspeak: "Agro"

"Agro" - Absolutely wonderful, delightful comic book about dragons! The author, Sanspeak, has been drawing him for years... Once upon a time, I wrote him reviews for each new page :) The comic is insanely interesting and very dragon-like. I highly recommend to everyone! The archive size exceeds 300 MB. ...
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Chris Fischer: "Of Mice and Mayhem - Total Edition"

"Of Mice and Mayhem - Total Edition" is my gift to all graphic novel lovers. Chris Fisher's wonderful comic is presented here in color and monochrome English, monochrome Russian, and also - I have collected Chris Fisher's art from all over the Web, including concepts for the continuation of the comic, portraits of heroes "in the future", illustrations and even small individual comics on the topic. The archive is larger than...
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Lumental: "Warrior Dragon"

The wonderful role-playing game Warrior Dragon may seem like a relic of the past - its graphics are vividly reminiscent of the days of 16-bit game consoles like Sega. But appearance is not the main thing here. This game seemed to be made by myself, so its plot is close to the main idea of all my books. The hero, a young dragon warrior, has to save the peaceful cities of his people from hunters...
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V. R. Dolnik: "The nature of power"

An amazingly smart, useful and truly fascinating scientific book written by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor V.R. Dolnik. It is recommended to those who believe that people are "the creation of God" or "the crown of evolution." You will learn many, many new things, I guarantee ...
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Peter Anspach: "The Code of the Evil Lord"

THE CODE OF THE EVIL LORD is a unique, wonderful and very funny set of rules that lists the innumerable mistakes and stupidities that `villains` in films and books constantly make. ...
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Draco: "Debating Rules"

DISCUSSION RULES - a few playful tips on how to argue in forums and chats. Written by me, based on a huge personal experience ... ...
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