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Network life is unthinkable without communication. And communication with people, as you know, is unthinkable without disputes... In this section, I have collected the most interesting articles and reviews created at different times.

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44 Rules for Behavior of Dragons

Being a Dragon is exciting and wonderful, but often deadly. Almost every Dragon I've read about in books or seen in movies has always lost to a much weaker hero and died. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how smart, powerful or fearless the authors consider their dragons - they all make typical mistakes over and over again, which even hundreds of people would be able to avoid...
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Draco sapiens

... Far beyond the borders of the Galaxy, in the glow of its cities, the harsh planet Drakia floats through the darkness. Its star, a yellow dwarf of spectral class G0, owns only two planets, one of which was captured by the star during its long million-year journey through space. Where it happened, in what unknown depths of the Cosmos, no one knows ...
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Myth Raiders

The Dragon. Six letters. Dozens of values. Hundreds of riddles. Thousands of legends. Myriad images. There are as many dragons in the world as there are people, because everyone has their own dragons. So why do we need another article? Where is the meaning? I'll try to explain...
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Myth Raiders II: Air Force Victory

A critical article about a realistic scenario for the development of the conflict "Dragons vs people" in a fantasy world ...
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