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Here you can download several books that I consider worthy of any dragon treasury. In my eyes, these are the best representatives of the fantasy genre of all time.

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Harry Harrison: The Eden Trilogy

A sci-fi world that is unique in its detail and quality of work, in which an absurd accident did not wipe out its true and rightful owners, the dinosaurs, from the face of the Earth. What would the Earth be like today?

(загрузок: 196)

J. Martin: A Song of Ice and Fire cycle

The remarkable saga of George R. R. Martin has far exceeded the bounds that the fantasy genre is usually limited to. This is not even a novel - it is a detailed and fascinating story of another world, with truly living characters.

(downloads: 208)

Larry Niven: Ringworld

Ringworld, the legendary book by Larry Niven, and its two sequels, which, alas, are much weaker than the original. It is useless to tell what the Ring-World is. You can only read about it yourself.

(загрузок: 185)

Arthur Clarke: "The City and the Stars"

Arthur Clarke's The City and the Stars was years ahead of its time. In this book, the unbridled imagination of the author predicted many areas of science that were not yet thought of in the 50s of the 20th century. Even today, the novel is a great read.

(загрузок: 196)

W. Le Guin: "The Planet of Rocannon"

The amazingly poetic and rich world of "Planet Rocannon" may well claim the name of the most beautiful and mysterious of all ever described. This is, in my opinion, the best book by Ursula Le Guin.

(загрузок: 174)

Theodore Sturgeon: "Thunders and Roses"

Theodore Sturgeon's story "Thunders and Roses" in my science fiction hit parade firmly holds the first place. This is a unique, amazing book. And at the same time one of the scariest.

(загрузок: 203)

M. Weiss, T. Hickman: "DragonLance"

DragonLance... The Saga of the Spear... You can talk a lot about the injustice and cruelty of this world, about the commercial order, about the primitiveness compared to other books presented here, but this does not change the fact: the DragonLance trilogy is certainly a classic of heroic fantasy. And I, the author of Wrath of the Dragon, Rusty Gold and Winged Class Hero, know this very well.

(downloads: 190)

Barbara Hambly: "Dragonbane"

In this book, the traditional story of the dragon and the hunter is raised to such a height, brought to such perfection that, I believe, nothing better will be written on this subject. And the black Morkeleb, one of the main characters of the novel, is by far the most beautiful dragon ever described.

(downloads: 190)

Alfred Bester: Tiger! Tiger!"

The novel by Alfred Bester is probably the best and most famous work about the revolutionary. About a person going to the goal in spite of the whole world, leaving behind a bloody path, and inevitable, like death.

(downloads: 195)

Roger Zelazny: "A night in a dreary October"

I guess Roger Zelazny needs no introduction. The novel "Night in dreary October", in my opinion, is one of his best works.

(downloads: 184)

Peter Beagle: "The Last Unicorn"

Articles and books are written about The Last Unicorn, dozens of researchers are trying to understand how it was possible to create such a magical, fabulous world with ordinary words and sentences. But I'm afraid no one will ever know...

(загрузок: 199)

Clifford Simak: "The City"

Simak's very first novel, in my opinion, remains his best work. The stunning Webster saga asserts with enviable force the monumental truth: it doesn't matter what you look like and who you were born with. The main thing is the mind.

(downloads: 168)

Kenneth Oppel: The Silverwing Trilogy

They are the only ones who did not fight in the battle of birds and beasts. They should never see the sun. Their time is night. Such a sentence was handed down many years ago to a flock of silver-winged bats. But the Higher Powers gave a Promise that one day the ban would be lifted.
During a terrible storm, the young silver-winged Shade lost his flock, but in return he met a faithful companion - the bat Marina. Unfortunately, people once ringed Marina and the pack turned away from her. Shade is sure that the rings have something to do with the Promise, but the path to unraveling this mystery is too dangerous - merciless enemies are waiting at every turn, and friends betray and break the Law.
The brave Shade knows that the risk is great, but he will not spare his life to return the sun to his flock...

These books are not found anywhere else on the web. I bought them on Ozone, my friend Lex took a photo of each page, and I recognized and designed.
The quality of novels grows from volume to volume literally in leaps and bounds. If the first book may also seem a little childish, then the second and especially the third is a great high-quality fantasy with a well-developed plot and very unexpected ideas. Based on the novels, by the way, a good animated series was filmed, which is entirely available on YouTube.

1 - "Silver Wing"
2 - "Solar Wing"
3 - "Fiery Wing"

(загрузок: 189)

Henry Lyon Oldie: "The Way of the Sword"

The world of G. L. Oldie. The world of the book "The Way of the Sword" is quite similar to the medieval Earth, with the only difference that here cold weapons - swords, spears, halberds, etc. - are animated and have a mind. The Living Blades call themselves "The Shining Ones", and consider humans to be their "Appendages", not even realizing that humans are also sentient. People, in turn, do not realize that many of their actions are guided not by their own will, but by the will of their intelligent weapons.
However, this world is very kind and harmonious: the art of fencing here is perfected to unthinkable perfection, but all fights are bloodless, despite the fact that the participants are armed and masterful weapons - or rather, thanks to this. This is a highly aestheticized and fairly stable world - but there is practically no progress in it - only fencing and blacksmithing are developing - after all, people do not even realize that they often act under the influence of their swords.
And in a harmonious and stable world, mysterious bloody murders begin. Both people and Shining in shock - this has not happened for almost eight centuries! ..

(загрузок: 177)

Henry Lyon Oldie: "Dragon's Laugh"

Another Dracia exclusive is Oldey's newest novella, "Dragon's Laughter"! The authors themselves allowed it to be posted here. 😉

(загрузок: 183)

Vl. Savchenko: Black Stars

In 2001, in Kharkov, I was lucky to meet Vladimir Savchenko. I told him the same thing that I will say now: it was the novel "Black Stars" that made me a science fiction writer, and I remember it, perhaps, like no other. I was still a child when I first read it, and did not understand much at that time, but the amazing, unique atmosphere of the triumph of Reason over any obstacles forever sunk into my soul. This novel is a hymn to science, a triumph of the author's imagination and ingenuity. They say that in the 60s, almost every university and scientific research institute of the USSR had heated debates about the possibility of realizing one or another of Savchenko's findings.

(downloads: 170)

Trunkat Tour: "The Adventures of Hooke"

Question. You know a lot of books, after reading which, a boy from the 6th-7th grade of a secondary school will firmly decide to become a biologist, fill the whole apartment with articles, drawings, textbooks, will regularly travel to another city (look at the living object of his dream), and after graduating from school, he will enter to the Faculty of Biology, and only after many years, under the influence of circumstances (and dragons...) will he change course to technology and computers?
The answer, to be honest, is right in front of your eyes. The novel "The Adventures of Hooke", which I stumbled upon quite by accident in the basement of the school library (!), really turned my life upside down. Yes, I never became a biologist, but I strongly doubt that I would have realized myself as a dragon without the help of this magical, unique, insanely interesting tale about my favorite creatures after dragons.

Tour Trunkatov - from the Latin name of the bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops Truncatus - the collective pseudonym of V. M. Belkovich and A. V. Yablokov, famous Soviet researchers who devoted their lives to dolphins. At one time, I studied their scientific works almost by heart, although I had no idea that it was they who wrote the novel.

(downloads: 192)

M. Semenova: "Wolfhound"

Here, I believe, special comments are not required. A wonderful book by a wonderful writer.

(downloads: 191)

M. and S. Dyachenko: "Ritual"

One of the best books about dragons. What more can be said? Together with Barbara Hambley's Dragonbane, which is also featured in this library, Ritual forms the pinnacle of dragon fantasy.

(downloads: 161)

S. Loginov: "The many-armed god of Dalayn"

Svyatoslav Loginov, most likely, cannot stand animals, and simply hates reptiles (and dragons). However, this does not make his first novel less brilliant. One of the most significant fantasy books since Dune, that's what Dalain's Many-Armed God is

(downloads: 170)

Strugatsky: "Inhabited Island"

Already a classic. A novel about revolution, about freedom, a novel about how life can turn an unflappable "outside observer" into a fighter for whom his own life is an empty phrase until the Goal is reached.

(downloads: 193)

Ivan Efremov, "The Hour of the Bull" and "The Andromeda Nebula"

These books probably had the strongest influence on me and on Drachia. The genius of Efremov created a world so beautiful and pure that, closing the book, one wants to howl like a wolf, remembering the surrounding reality....

(downloads: 192)

Best Stories by Various Authors

Some of the best, in my opinion, stories in history. "The Coming of the Night" by Asimov, "The Epic of the Predator" by Kaganov, "Flowers for Algernon" by Keyes and others.

(загрузок: 169)



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  • Светлана

    Советую прочитать книгу Е.Беловой "Ты дура или приключения Дракоши".
    Genre: humorous fantasy. 🙂

  • Темное Пламя

    Good evening) Fair wind and good luck! Quite unexpectedly I stumbled upon this wonderful site, I would like to add the books The Incredible Cycles Dragons of Pern by Ann McCaffrey. New cycles for teenagers by Nadezhda Kuzmina, (2 cycles), and many others, but unfortunately the names have been forgotten and lost.

  • karmasoer

    Робин Хобб "Вселенная Элдерлингов" - о драконах, битвах, магии и всяком таком. Джордж Мартин в всторге и от писательницы, и от всего цикла (если это будет что-то значить для ценителей, в цикл входит 4 саги (а не 3, как наисано в википедии). Странно, что здесь нет цикла об Эрагоне, замечательная легкая сказка в 4 томах, с драконами и эльфами.

  • Анастасия

    Ещё есть хорошая книга из трех частей "Чёрный клан" Алекса Градова))
    Первая часть - Чёрный клан
    Вторая часть - Чёрный клан:Магия крови
    Третья часть - Чёрный клан:Стальной лорд
    Very interesting by the way)) and about dragons)

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