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Briefly about the author

  • Name: Giorgi Egriselashvili
  • Alias: Draco Lockhard
  • Year of birth: 1976
  • Place of residence: Georgia, Tbilisi
  • Education: Higher technical
  • Hobbies: Drones, video editing, films
  • Also: Science fiction, technology
  • Life Credo: dragons
  • Views: Active and staunch atheist


Life.ZIP 🙂

Draco Lockhard

Born in the year of the Dragon. I have been fond of science fiction since childhood, I first tried myself as a writer in 1996. Today, I have a lot of stories and novels, more than four dozen stories in my asset.
In 2000 (again the Year of the Dragon) in the Moscow publishing house "Centerpolygraph"The novel was published"Dragon's Wrath(in two volumes), followed by other books. At the international conventionStar Bridge 2001", novel "Dragon's Wrath» received an award «Best Debut 2000«.
The lion's share of the books presented here belongs to the genre of "non-strict" science fiction. My favorite topic is the description of a hypothetical intelligent race dragons, residents planet Drakia, about which much is said in the section "Dragons of Dracia"and in the article"Draco sapiens«.

I am also doing video- AND photography, piloting drones, photographing beautiful places where my Land cruiser 🙂

Years writing books


What do I do in life


Like any dragon, I love to fly. And even though fate deprived me of wings, science gave me a chance to fulfill my dream.


I like to travel to beautiful and remote places where the drones I own and can fly well allow me to take a fresh look at all the forgotten relics. Hence, of course, comes hobby number 2...


No road? NO PROBLEM! My motto. In order to shoot interesting places with drones, you first need to get to them.

  • LAND

I've always loved SUVs, although most of my life I didn't really use their potential. Everything changed when I started flying. Interesting objects around the cities quickly ended, and it was not easy to get to the rest. But what can I do - my third, main hobby in recent years, requires a picturesque nature.

Photo and video

A movie about dragons has been my main dream for a quarter of a century. Alas, it remains a dream...

  • INSTA360

...But the door to the boundless world of video, I, nevertheless, slightly opened thanks to drones and off-road vehicles. Today, videography is my main creative activity. I make music videos about nature, ancient castles and monuments, and I also try to make short fantasy films using what little is available to me without the help of (absent) sponsors. After all, I was, am and will be - science fiction. The writer or the author of the video, this is where fate will turn.


If in the mid-90s, someone told me that I would become a science fiction writer and write almost a hundred books ...

  • Fantastic
  • fantasy
  • Fairy tales

... of which four dozen will come out on paper - I would laugh for a long time. But who knew... I have always been a dreamer since birth. I was not too lucky either with the place or with the time of birth, I never had the resources and money to realize my dreams. But books do not need millions and Hollywood scale, and they can immerse you in the world of dreams no worse than films. All you need is a little imagination! And, alas, nature rewarded me with great abundance.

13 отзывов про “Биография
  • Besik

    Well done Draco! I'm impressed 😆

  • Лекс

    I'm shocked! People are able to create SUCH beauty!) Impressed by your site to the core! Keep it up!

  • Коля

    Hello, here's your answer about dragons. Dragons really existed, but they were ancient Chinese cruise missiles, they were really with dragon heads with wings and long tails, they flew with the help of bamboo tubes stuffed with gunpowder tied to the “dragon” body, this device could fly over huge distances of 10, 15, 20 a even more kilometers, there were three types: flying and firing small incendiary rockets (used to burn collective farm fields, enemy settlements), explosive (used as bombs) and fire-breathing (used to intimidate) So there is no secret in dragons, and they were huge in order to lift 300 kg of gunpowder imagine what a flying kite should be like, but they know how to paint)))

  • jake skywalker

    By the way, no one can now know
    Did dragons exist? This is if you go and rummage somewhere, maybe you can somehow prove their existence.

  • MIWA

    I think dragons LIVED on Earth
    but because of disagreements with people
    left the planet
    erasing all traces of his presence on it.

  • Наталья

    Hello George!

    It's amazing - we live with you in the same city, and I found out about you - only now. Probably because I don't know science fiction well - I know only a few classics. Meanwhile - I am the author of a fantasy novel about a dragon (about the fight against a dragon of some knights in a fairy-tale fantasy kingdom) / The novel is called "The Road of the Color of a Dog" and it is posted on the site "Russian Science Fiction" and not only -

    So - I recommend)))

    My page in Samizdat -

  • Engineer

    I want to thank you for the wonderful books and the pleasure that you give us - lovers of exceptionally high-quality and truly exciting science fiction and fantasy.

  • Кир

    I liked it very much.
    I stumbled upon this by accident.
    It's also about dragons.
    I think it complements what you wrote.
    Treatise on Dragons (Humor)

  • Максим

    Liked the site. There is something to look at. But there is a downside. Creativity associated with dragons is not limited to drawings, videos and stories. Missing sculpture. It is full of it on the net, but it is not on the site. This year I intend to make a family of dragons on my site and it was not so easy to find the right type of dragon. The sculptures will be made of concrete, and the authors will love to hang their pets with horns and teeth. In the sun, such fine details will simply break. And yet, dragon sculptures have a place to be and I would like to see such a section on the site!

  • Сергей

    Thank you for writing all of this!
    I've re-read it and I don't know how many times! Thank you, without you the world of fantasy would not be complete!

  • Юрий

    Where can I write a letter to you? I would like to share a few ideas, I am a big fan of Fantasy and your creativity

  • Selter

    If you want to connect with Draco, you need to go to the forum. Draco usually hangs up in Areal's chat a lot.

  • Rainbow-Spike


    "Wikipedia" in the menu of the site is better to rename it to "wiki", since Wikipedia is a trademark. And their lumberjacks are pretty evil

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