A small gallery where my favorite "dragon" episodes from animated and feature films, commercials, etc. are posted. Physically, all materials are on YouTube.

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Best Friends

(English version)

Best of Friends Song | The Land Before Time X

"Best Friends" (Russian version)

A wonderful song from a wonderful cartoon about wonderful ... Well, not exactly dragons, but close 🙂

"Song of Friends"

(Russian version)

Song of Friends | The Land Before Time 10

"Song of Friends" (Russian version)

Russian version of a beautiful song.
In my opinion, the voices of dinosaurs in the Russian version are almost as good as the original. At least Cera (triceratops 🙂)

"Impy is a Star"

(song from the cartoon)

impi - star

"Impey is a star"

Not the most expected (for a cartoon) song;), but the dragon Impi from the cartoon of the same name performed it much better than Tom Jones himself.


short cartoon



A wise and experienced dragon teaches his kid the CORRECT treatment of knights 🙂 A very malicious and funny (for dragons) German animation.

"The Hunt"

short cartoon

The Hunt

"The Hunt"

Not the most pleasant animation, but with a great ending 🙂

"Cursed by Happiness"

Song based on poems from the story

Cursed by happiness

"Cursed by Happiness"

A song based on verses from the story “Cursed by happiness” - yeah, songs are already being written to my verses 🙂

"Petrol Dragon"

funny ad

Gasoline Dragon

"Petrol Dragon"

A funny advertisement for some Israeli company.


ingenious advertising

Brilliant Toyota ad

Brilliant Toyota ad

Not really about dragons, but the idea is clearly dragon 🙂


The most furry ad in the world

The most furry ad in the world

The most furry ad in the world

No comments 🙂

"The Parable of the Fishes"

Wonderful parable

The parable of the fish

The parable of the fish

A wonderful parable from the unremarkable film "Holy One". At one time, this little story literally changed my whole life and gave new strength in the fight against windmills, that is, with the perception of dragons in human society. And only many years later I accidentally found out that in fact this parable is from Buddhism, and in the film it was only quoted.
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  • klon

    Very funny ad.
    I watched this cartoon many years ago and reviewed it many times, but I never cease to admire it. In general, a good section.

  • klon

    By the way, when I talked about the cartoon, I meant "The Land Before Time" and not "Impey Superstar".
    A small German cartoon called “Ritterschlag”, which translates as “Knight's Charge”, also made me smile. Especially the moment where the princess is taken away by a sort of knight, and then she punches him in the face and returns back to the cage.


    “Ritterschlag”, I really liked the best anmeshka of all .. it’s a pity that there is no full-length cartoon ... Draco can you make a cartoon film, for example, based on “dragon’s wrath”

  • Jake Skywalker

    "Ritterschlag" is a cool short film, although it has improved its mood over the past week >^..^

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