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The more readers, the more points of view. I have heard how "graphomania!!!" and "your books have changed my whole life", but this, of course, is extreme. Most of them just read and, in rare cases, if they really liked the work (or caused rage), they write letters to the author. Some of the most interesting reviews are posted on this page.

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Reviews, reviews, reviews, communication...

Pelikh Evgeny Vladimirovich

White river, tireless
Shadow slide in dreams.
Throw comfort into the fire of a fire,
Steel to carve in words.

There was no happiness in the soul for a long time
Lightning on the wing
Heart chirps about old dreams
No, I won't accept it.

See the face burned by fire,
Ghost in the mirrors
Accept no compromise and
Don't forget about fear.

Those who were afraid, they have strength
Remember and overcome.
Those who do not know fear, they know one thing:
Gingerbread only for them or lash.

Mountains and lightning are nothing
In the heart of the cyclone I'm flying.
But I don't want to see the fiery banner
In a heart that has forgotten the storm.




Maksimka Lebed

Dear George Lockhart, I have no right to call you otherwise, or honestly, you have long been a great friend to me. I don't know how to explain it, it's just that when I read some of your books I realized that you communicate with me through them. Please excuse me for the errors in the text, as I am writing from work, and half of the buttons of millet have fallen off. But it's fun to print, you know.
Yes, I would like to tell you one thing - Thank you, thank you simply for pouring out your talent on a piece of paper which ultimately allows us to see your world, an immense world of fantasies. To be honest, your books taught me a lot, made me think about a lot, your books make me think, not give up in any situations, smile where necessary. I can’t imagine what Draco would do without you, I live by your books, and often it doesn’t seem that if it were possible, I would flap my wings and fly over the horizon, maybe I would find another life. Yes, this is just a childhood dream, despite my 23 years, but for some reason I can’t calm it down and dream about it all the time.
Please do not stop, write, I believe you. One of the winged!




city Novosibirsk

I visited your site a couple of times, not knowing that it is yours, not knowing that you are a writer =)
I accidentally saw a book with a dragon on the cover in a book (although the design leaves much to be desired, at the level of Dontsova approximately = (), I found my last name on the Internet and here I am, reading your books several times excitedly.
What rarely happens in modern literature, meaning, some reflections after reading (in fact, their presence is already rare in modern literature =)) are combined with a truly magnificent literary frame. I like your style to madness, which allows you to read books both thinking and not thinking, for pleasure =)
Now I’m writing a course on the genre uniqueness of “Tear off my wings.” As I write, I realize how little I understood in this seemingly small text =)
Thank you so much for your creativity, for dragons, griffins, atheism, anti-racism, for your words and whole sentences that I want to learn by heart =)
I want to squeal in the style of 13-year-old fans: “I love you, Draco!!! I want children from you!” =)

Z.Y. I already hooked one person on you. I think I'll add a couple more =)

14:03, 02.05.2010



city: Yakutsk
Home page:

Hello dear Draco Lockhart! I wish you further creative success! I hasten to leave a comment about, in my opinion, your best work, which, unfortunately, is not presented on your website. I hope that you guessed that we are talking about "Ginungagap". I want to thank you for the fact that with this story you, one might say, pointed me to a goal in life, opened my eyes, and provided moral support just at the moment when it was especially needed. I’m new to the fandom myself, I haven’t even started registering yet, but I’ve probably already read more than half of all the fanfiction on both sites. And it was Ginungagap who helped me find (realize) its canonical appearance, and I printed out the most important words and hung them on the wall as a motto so as not to forget them. You didn't just write a wonderful story - a fairy tale. You created a guiding star, which I am sure I was not the only one who saw. And I was horrified when just today I found on the forum the history of its publication and the injustice and frivolity of the attitude towards your work on the part of forum members. Please don't give up, don't be offended! Or rather, on the contrary, be offended, that’s fair, but goodbye! Give it one more chance! Don't stop creating! I’m sure I’m not the only one of your devoted fans, the community exists so that interested people find each other, find like-minded people. There is not only headquarters, post your story in the portal! Give the fandom another chance! I am sure that it will be received well and you will have new inspiration to create! And no matter what exactly you do, continue Shadows and Dust, a new Gigungagap or something completely new (which I especially hope for), I’m sure you will find your reader, and at least I’ll try to be among the first! Good luck!

07:34, 04.05.2010



city: Moscow

Yes, here is my review.

The design of the site and the site itself are SUPER UNUSUAL, in general it’s just RULEZZZ, I’ve never seen anything like it.

I actually got here by accident, I was just downloading a program from and saw the address in the GetRight window.

Card "Dragons of Might and Magic" - MEGA-HYPER-SUPER-DUPER! I mean the version that was on the GAMING CD.

And in general, everything here is COOL




City: Eta Vulpeculae 2

Yes, Draco, your novel “East of Eden” simply shocked me - I have never read anything like it in my life! Thanks a lot! You have already become my favorite writer - I only read you, I can’t read the others anymore. It seems like only you put so much soul into your novels...

...And the design is excellent, there are few of these on the Internet. It's always nice to come have a look.




city: Israel

Dear author!!!
From the very beginning I want to say: I JUST LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!
I also love dragons and everything related to them.
And I have a request: PLEASE write longer stories!!!!
I am sure that not only I manage to become attached to the heroes of your books.
I was !! VERY!! interesting to read
your multivolumes and I would read more with great pleasure!
ZY I would really like to get at least some kind of answer.
Z.Z.Y. I ask you not to kick in sore spots,
if there are errors.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for (I hope)

03:02, 08.03.2003



White Cheetah

Draco, you write wonderful books! They are read in one breath, and you don’t even empathize with the heroes, but you live by them! Indeed, class!

PS. Draco, could you write a couple of furry stories? You can yiff. The Russian-speaking furry community would be very grateful to you, because. there are very few such stories, and on everything is only in English. You are truly a wonderful writer!

13:36, 25.03.2003



Moscow city
Home page:


For the author:
I read the first book Wrath of the Dragon - to be honest, I have never encountered anything like it in my entire life...
You could say this is a new look at the fantasy world...
I'm not flattering and I'm speaking sincerely...
I would like to wish you success in your work...
Sincerely, Egor

07:32, 22.04.2003



Alex D'Lacrua
city: Kaliningrad

Peace be upon you, Mr. Lockhart (or Draco, whichever you prefer).

I can’t say whether you have talent or not (I’m not very versed in high literature). I will say one thing: I am simply crazy about your books. I have already read the story "Wrath of the Dragon". Now I'm reading the novel "Black Sun". And this despite the fact that reading is one of my least favorite activities (!!!). Usually I rarely write in guest books, but I still couldn’t resist (may the deans of the Asc’atla Order forgive me) and wrote in your book. I wish you advancement in your career and in general... All the best.

Sincerely, Alex D'Lacrua, Assassin of the Asc'atla Order.

02:59, 15.09.2003




This is more than a book... and it is at least no less than life.
I did not find the meaning of life, but I found a goal - and left the search for meaning to philosophers. Thank you for the world in which I live - now & forever...

23:12, 16.09.2003



Tver city

Dear friend Draco. Thank you for your works. They nourish me, give me strength to live. Sorry for being harsh earlier. I just have a tough style. I often had to defend my point of view with those unworthy of this world (less often with those worthy). You inspired me to be creative. I have already come up with music for your words “Once upon a time there was a bridge that connected centuries”.... About Twilight, in general. And there is already a new melody, but there are no words to it.
With dragon respect, kind Fan...

03:08, 26.09.2003



Jedi Dragon
City: Coruscant

Very beautiful and amazing works, I tell you.
I recently read Black Flame and was amazed by the author's imagination.
A thought is born and the author transfers it to paper. Wisdom is determined not by knowledge, but by understanding your own world in which you live. Any world, even if not similar to reality, is worthy of respect.
I like your creativity. And may the force be with you. And may the wind always blow at your back!

20:04, 02.10.2003



Winged Wind

the site is just super! Thank you very much, Draco, for the book and for such a wonderful site))) good luck in writing the novel - I can’t wait to read this work!
again good luck!

22:32, 24.11.2003



Dragons' Lord
city: St. Petersburg
Home page:

Lockhart, you amaze me. First of all, its performance. Naturally, talent, artistic vision, and programming skills are implied. I am the author of the website "Dragon's Land". And I’m just dragging along, but you can’t say it any other way - by what you’re doing here! I'm absolutely delighted. The moment is a little overshadowed by the fact that I really liked the previous fight, but now I can’t look at it anywhere... In short, everything was done just perfectly (and you understand that I understand how to understand this). The slight bias towards the technogenic area is alarming. I prefer the classic fantasy design. By the way, I have already removed the full-screen mode on my website and fixed textures in VRML, so I want, not without your help, to notify people about this. You can throw a cry in the forum (I won’t do it myself - they won’t understand correctly). Once again, my respect and delight. Bye. Good luck !

10:54, 10.12.2003



City: Siberia my home

This is not the first time I have visited this place, and every time I enter with a sinking heart - I found here what I was looking for, something that is not in this world of people... the design is magnificent, but that’s not the point - it’s all about the spirit with which they are imbued these pages... Forward and higher, free winged, let nothing darken the clear sky under your wings... I am not a dragon, but a jaguar, a furry is a loner. But in any case, I will be on the same side of the barricades with you.

05:46, 24.01.2004



Dragon Hlim
Moscow city

Comments: Hello. I really liked the site and ALL your books. I really want the novel “Stars on Wings” to be published as soon as possible. Best regards, Hlim.

01:34, 14.02.2004




I adore J. Lockhart's books - it was with them that my incurable disease "dragon mania" began! And most of all I love visiting this site! I like the new version of the site much more than the previous one, but I still want more sections to appear here over time and a section about dragons to work. All.
Sincerely, Dolly

14:00, 18.02.2004




A very good site, although the beauty sometimes slows down... In general, this page is something like my second homeland (or maybe my first?), because I am a Dragon, albeit to a lesser extent than I would like. By the way, about wishes - when will the ENTIRE site be up and running?
Anyway, thanks Draco!

20:46, 06.03.2004



Black Dragon
City: From Everywhere

Wonderful site! I wish I could improve it a little...
Your books are excellent, with the exception of some excesses, but I think it’s not worth mentioning... anyone who has read will fully understand.
I wish you success in your work and life.
Dragons all over the world need you! 🙂

20:52, 15.05.2004




When I accidentally came across your site for the first time and read books about dragons, I was completely delighted! but with the “loss” 🙂 of the computer, the link disappeared (to my shame, I didn’t remember the author’s name), and when I finally found the author’s name and the website and the BOOKS.. I’m just delighted again!!! Everything is very beautiful!

21:52, 28.05.2004




Comments: Surprisingly well thought out site. And even better books. I am glad that this was written, such books are very rare.
I really liked it (almost all). Many thanks to the author: it's really great.

12:13, 23.06.2004



city: Kharkiv

Dear Draco. You wrote beautifully and interestingly on a topic close to me. Your books have become new discoveries of the world and myself for me. I’m looking forward to “Stars on Wings.” But I think your initial series “Dictators” published on the site was almost completed. I wish you good luck with the new option.

18:25, 20.08.2004




Comments: In your books, for the first time, I saw stories about Dragons, and not about someone where a description was casually mentioned, even if it was quite high-quality (like Ursula “Earthsea”). This is the rare type of book that you can read and read (especially the Dictators series). Of course, not everything gets an enthusiastic review, there are stories that are difficult to read, but the effect is still good (they achieve their goal). True, I never read “Control Shot” again... (it’s painfully creepy). I'm glad you exist!!!!

07:19, 21.08.2004



Minsk city
Home page:

Recently got acquainted with the novels Wrath of the Dragon and Rising of the Black Sun. None
I can't find words other than Amazing, Colossal. I have never seen such an intertwining of fantasy and science fiction.
met. Books are read in one breath, it is simply impossible to stop.
It made such an impression on me
only one work (except for the above mentioned): F.Farmer's Tiered World series

16:23, 29.08.2004




Involuntarily imbued with respect for the owner of this fun site =)
I finally started reading the series of stories "Dictators". The start is promising. I hope there is enough time for everything. Respect.

08:06, 30.08.2004



Moscow city
Home page:

AWESOME!!!! Brilliant site!!!!!
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time I see such an awesome site in RuNet, which is not only in terms of graphics, but also in content - super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
No words only emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06:51, 12.09.2004



city Dnepropetrovsk

Great site, great music, great links, great.... In general, EVERYTHING is just great!!!
Thank you very much for this site, it was nice to spend a few hours here, it’s a pity I didn’t see everything, but it’s not the last time I’m here...
Thank you very much for the books - they are a pleasure to read...
I don't know if there is somewhere where the Dragons would feel better!!!!
Hmm... A forum wouldn't hurt - everyone would communicate not only through comments - that's the only big drawback)
It was a pleasure to visit this site!

03:09, 27.09.2004



City: Ulanbaatar


12:10, 22.11.2004



Dark Dragon

Great site, but it doesn't compare to the books (which I would like to see more). Thanks for the books and the site.

22:40, 22.11.2004



snow dragon
Moscow city

The site is excellent (it’s just a pity that it slows down due to a weak modem...)
However, of course, I like your books much more; I’ve been reading them for quite a long time... Ever since I first found excerpts in a poor electronic collection. I myself am also a writer, and of a similar direction. True, I’m a beginner... And I’m unlikely to ever publish...
In general, I wish you creative success and grateful readers!

01:46, 23.11.2004




Super! I have been looking for something about my favorite dragons for a long time, but I did not even expect that I would find such a miracle!

14:00, 29.11.2004



Dreg Den, Green Dragon
city: Ognesir

You have great books. Personally, I put them in first place among all the others.

18:15, 02.12.2004



city: Kiev
Home page:

I'm shocked too... What a site! That's the content! :)))))))))
Everything is cool! Thanks!;)))

02:37, 14.12.2004



Home page:

I read Utopia 13 and The Purge...
🙂 I liked both... but IMHO the second story is better...i.e. I liked it better... however, this is all subjective 😉 Thank you.

16:12, 14.12.2004



Sochi city

Happy new year dear friends!

This message is sent on the road just now, since the server was overloaded in the New Year's Eve (obviously due to the large influx of visitors :-)).

I would like to wish all participants and guests of the forum dragon health, happiness, creative ideas and energy, sobriety of their views and perseverance of convictions.

The author of the site and wonderful books is Draco.

Let inspiration not leave you in the new year 2005. Write more books, do not forget about the forum. I really hope for you. I would like less cruelty in books, although it happens to meet this in reality on the streets :,-((


Always do what you think is right. Often the opinion of others is false and harmful, evaluate and weigh everything. But, only if you do not find arguments to the contrary. Then boldly change your mind and let prejudices and districts not be able to break you. I always do this. Otherwise, I would not have become what I have become!

15:40, 01.01.2005



Moscow city

Judging by the quality of the works (ten, on a five-point scale), this will last for a long time...
Well, good for a long time.

02:16, 06.01.2005



Gripfon Visart

Dear George Lockhart, you can write! Why do you write books with such terrible content? Veiled cruelty, outright heresy... It's time to reconsider your outlook on life.
Read at least Lukyanenko, there is a script, and, most importantly, morality!
And what is the morality in your books?.. Sheer immorality. Substitution of generally accepted values for some of your invented ones. OK.
Also: you shouldn’t deny church dogmas, because... you CANNOT refute them, everything you write on this topic is purely YOUR opinion.
This is written by Gripfon Visart, a paladin champion of honor and morality.

04:29, 04.02.2005



Herson city.

Your Books and Website are the best I have read and seen. "Symphony of Darkness" is my reference book (Printed it out myself). I read that there is an audio version of this story. Can you tell me where I can get it? I really want to listen.
To Gripfon Visart:
If you don't see the moral in Draco's books, if you think they're heresy, then at least respect the opinions of others and don't tell them what not to write. Moreover, the opinion of the author, I am sure, is shared by more people than you think.
And church dogmas contradict themselves. The Church is the most terrible thing that humanity has invented.

18:20, 07.02.2005



city: St. Petersburg
home page: http://

Comments: Cool site!!!
Cool author!!!
great stories!!!
Simply admired by everyone!

02:57, 06.03.2005




Comments: First, a couple of links for those who like dragons more than humans:
Mikhail Kharitonov ( - play "Dragon" (like, our answer to Schwartz)
Yuri Nesterenko ( - stories “Monologue” and “Purple Dragon”.
In general, both authors have a lot on the topic of “what nasty people are and what needs to be done with them” (on the latter part, Nesterenko has more - from the story “The Farm” to the novel “Wings”).

As for Lockhart, his work interested me, because he is one of the few authors who reject anthropopopism and the idiotic principle “the main theme of fiction, like all literature, should be man.” Alas, the author only partially coped with the task set - to create main characters with inhuman psychology. It worked out with the cars, and with the dragons so kind to the author - alas. Probably, I will not be the first to state that the dragons of Drakia are the people of the “bright communist future” of I. Efremov. With all human passions and vices, including sexual preoccupation (and, in the worst traditions of low-grade pulp fiction, Lockhart's dragons are even capable of experiencing sexual attraction to people - see Skye + Arakiti) Minus xenophobia, plus a completely manic love for children. And it would be nice if such imperfect creatures turned out as a result of evolution, but no - they corrected themselves by genetic engineering, gained immortality (which automatically deprives sex and childbirth of justification, excluding isolated replenishments for victims of accidents), but at the same time they deliberately retained all these emotional glitches! It would be impossible to show dragons as a truly wise and intelligent race, opposing human passions - cold logic... But no - “human, too human.” By the way, on the topic of another story by Nesterenko - “Template”, I highly recommend it to children lovers.

11:08, 07.03.2005




And further. I myself don't like people very much. But to be offended by them because they kill dragons in fantasy is simply ridiculous. Let's not forget that real dragons do not exist. People did not slander innocent dragons, but deliberately came up with such an image as negative, as one of the personifications of evil. Let me note - in the European (and Russian) cultural tradition. In Chinese, on the contrary, this image is positive. Is it possible to go against tradition? Of course it is possible. But it’s stupid to be offended by her. You can write about cute devils and vile angels, but it is stupid to be offended by authors who adhere to the traditional interpretation of these images. So if in some author’s book dragons are just animals, “princess eaters”, “war horses”, “meat cattle” - this is not propaganda covering up genocide, but the pure truth: in that world they really are like that.

11:15, 07.03.2005




Of course, you can make claims against the authors, who have highly intelligent and peaceful dragons for nothing. But even here the question arises: why do these dragons, superior to people both mentally and physically, meekly allow themselves to be exterminated? For me, who does not resist the enslaver fully deserves slavery.

11:18, 07.03.2005



city: Yakutsk

I don't pick on names and titles, but after reading Wrath of the Dragon, I have such a bad feeling. Vot. Raiden is sooooo similar to Raistlin from the Spear Saga. Golden parchment skin, golden eyes, dark mage and hourglass shaped pupils. And Arakiti. Rearrange Ara and Kitty - Kitiara (Isho Adyn character of the Saga) and again on the blue dragon Skye. Skye and Skye!!! Both are blue and both adore Kitiara. Name of the worlds. Rynn and Krynn. Well, anyone can come up with a dragon trap. Are you by any chance familiar with the authors of the Saga??

16:04, 26.03.2005




And if I am a Rat, then should I open the Rat website?
20:17, 30.03.2005



Den (Drakonych) Forest
city: Riga, Latvia
Home page:

Guys! Just an awesome site!
I've never seen better! I guess I didn't search well enough that I just now stumbled upon it =))
But with all my dragon heart I will say:
Create for glory! Dragons deserve it! Just RULESZZ!!!
when my page is ready, I will definitely put a link to your great site. Thank you for being you and working for the good of maintaining the dragon spirit !!!
Good luck in your noble cause!


19:12, 12.04.2005



Dark magician

Thank you for the books, the website, the creativity. It was very painful when I read about dragons from THAT perspective... Thank you.
Thanks again

23:18, 19.04.2005



Tomsk city

I read the books, everything is very well written, wonderful, beautiful, bright, something is missing, in my opinion, some catchy theme. But in general, everything is simply masterful, rating “5” (on a five-point scale, of course:)

05:13, 05.05.2005



living human
Moscow city

I have read most of the stories posted on the site. Some made a strong impression on me (in a good way ;)). The only disappointment is that the site has not been updated for a long time. And the forum is silent. The soul is tormented by vague doubts. George Lockhart won't stop publishing new books, will he? :(((

03:03, 16.01.2006



city: Kyiv
Home page:

I want to say a huge (most huge) thank you for your story “Symphony of Darkness.” He's just great. I have never read a work like this before. There are so many brilliant phrases in it. My favorite is “Light is not harmful to me, but darkness gives me pleasure.”
Unfortunately, I haven't read anything else. But I'm going to fix it soon.
I would also like to express my admiration for your site :-). Very beautiful and unusual. For some reason, there are very few sites on the Internet written in DHTML.
Once again, thank you very much for everything that you have already written and for everything that will be written.
I wish you creative success :-),
With uv. Nina

05:03, 09.04.2006




Know that everything I write is probably stupid, but you are the best author of the best books I have ever read! Your book - Red Dragon is truly a masterpiece!

00:05, 15.04.2006




I really enjoyed this resource about dragons. I know a lot, but it turned out that I also had a lot to learn. I also want to emphasize the excellent execution and design of the site. Well done.

12:14, 02.05.2006



city: Volgograd

Books that shock! I, so to speak, am a misanthrope, but I have never seen such misanthropic works! I can say this even after reading the annotations of Mr. Lockhart himself and as much as he would not like such an opinion to develop, it happened. I don’t know what happened in the writer’s life so that he describes all the suffering of the heroes with such thoroughness, or maybe it didn’t happen, and what harm people did, but none of the authors whose books I am familiar with have shown people from such a side .

15:03, 15.05.2006



Black Dead Love
city: Solnechnogorsk
Home page: http://z/portal/

very entertaining books. learned a lot of useful things.

22:26, 16.05.2006



city: Kharkiv

Good afternoon, dear George! You are my favorite author. You correctly describe humanity, it has long deserved to be looked at from the outside, especially beings with a different ethic. Take at least the settlement of the New World. I have all your manuscripts in the public domain. I really enjoyed your books, especially the Wing trilogy. Why are they not in printed format, I also want to lament your novel, stars on wings.
Reading your novel, a control whistle, you catch yourself thinking how to intervene in the plot and change it, because this should not be even with human morality, where basically everyone is driven by profit. And how can a conscious citizen of the Earth stop the slaughter and not let humanity perish because of a bunch of bastards, because all dragons are offended by them. I console myself with the thought that you are not very offended by my words and look forward to your next books.

22:13, 24.05.2006



city: Poland

I would like to add positive criticism about the Dictators cycle. I really liked the writing style of the books, very lively. I don’t even know which book I liked best... but I wanted to highlight the two characters Ri and Wing, they are very well described, I would like to read where else fate will take Veita Ri, I hope to see her again in the series. :) The book is well described , however, the cycle of paradoxes is very confusing, it’s better to be careful with them! %) Because once the reader starts to get confused, he may not get out. I haven’t found this site yet and haven’t found the chronology, I couldn’t understand some things, and even now I can’t figure out why the Dictators didn’t like Algol so much? Sincerely, Svetlana

16:54, 29.05.2006



Saratov city

I haven't been here for a long time... I hope Draco watches this guest show at least SOMETIMES. Scaly, I’ll tell you this: you’re not good. Categorically. Well, you can’t mock the reader like that! Well, I (and many others, as I see) read several new stories... but WHERE is the continuation??? Draco, if you were writing garbage, I wouldn’t say a word, but... but you write in such a way that sometimes it leaves me in a daze. You plunge into the book with your head, and then... bummer, only the first part. Sadism though. 🙂 So write ischo, otherwise I’ll start saving money for a trip to Tbilisi in order to step on someone’s ffost.

23:29, 13.06.2006




Finally I got here, and first and most importantly - I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Draco for his wonderful novels, they simply charmed me!!! Both the images and the plot are magnificent, and finding hidden links to other works gave me almost more pleasure than reading it itself!

PS True, I got to his books too late to read the first version of “Wrath of the Dragon,” and although I know that it is already outdated, the incurable disease called “I want to read everything” is still gnawing at me with terrible force. If anyone still has an electronic version of this rarity, please send it to me by e-mail, I will be very grateful...

ZZY By the way, the link to “Winged class hero” doesn’t work for me either... Take pity on someone who is dying from information hunger, please!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

10:51, 14.06.2006




The books are amazing! One that I reread over and over again.

Many thanks to the author!

And a question.... Is the second book of the novel "East of Eden" available anywhere? I really want to know the continuation.
Also tell me, will there be a continuation of the adventures of the dragon Hayate?

Good luck and namaste!

15:05, 15.06.2006



city: Ivanovo

I really had a hard time finding this place, but I'm just blown away by Draco's books!!!!!
I have never seen such wonderful books anywhere else!! And the “red dragon” is something!!!!!!!!!!!

11:00, 16.06.2006



Moscow city

I see, I'm not the only Wing here, I just wanted to post my comment, since I could no longer keep these feelings in myself towards the characters in the books. In particular, I admire Draco’s character, and if I may say so, his psychological personality, I think he’s just a sweetheart! I also liked the site, very much indeed. And how did I find it?... I felt it very simply, I thought a little about what it could be called, so I thought about it, I found it, a very advanced site, everything is very cool. Okay, that's all I think...

11:28, 21.06.2006




After reading it, you feel like you’ve lost something and you can’t get it back. As I don’t-know-who-exactly said: “The rating of a book is the number of readers who believed the writer.” The world of Drakia is undoubtedly one of the most memorable. And for this, many thanks to Draco. And the question about “Stars on Wings,” in my opinion, is fair.

23:42, 21.07.2006



city: Barnaul

I read almost everything, well, maybe all your books, and not yours, but this topic. I really liked the way you presented dragons, compared to people. I look forward to new books.
There were dragons! Will! And they will be! 🙂

20:17, 21.08.2006




Draco! I was amazed by your knowledge of dragons.
We could add and tell a lot!
But us! - They won’t understand it that way!


23:06, 28.08.2006



Yekaterinburg city

... ... (no words)
I never liked to read; I never really read a single book in my entire life because I didn’t think it was interesting. There were attempts to start... But it didn’t work.
However! I was amazed at how much the dragons had changed me: from the first lines of Dragon's Wrath, the main question began to torment me: what will happen next? And soon another equally important one was added to it: what the hell is going on?
I had absolutely no interest in anything other than the book. For three days I sat reading, with great difficulty looking up for urgent matters. I have never experienced such feelings.
So far, only one has been read, but I am planning the rest (so far only about Drakia, I will get to others later)
Question: why are not all books made html-versions for download? I was very disappointed to see that half of the Drakia books had only online and downloadable txt.

13:34, 17.09.2006



city: Kyiv

My deepest respects to the author! Great project and great execution! As a true dragon (and this is my real name in life and in spirit), I welcome this idea in all its incarnations! I just love stories! Treasure! A true treasure! I would like to talk anyway, if there is such an opportunity and your desire!
Let them bow out for this!
Waiting for your reply!
PS I really really want to talk to you, because I feel a kindred spirit.

15:26, 21.09.2006




Draco (9th line) interested me as her image (life, game).
but why did you give preference to the lioness and not the dragon is a question for me.
Yes, and what happened to Hayate and where they took them.
And more Draco Let's say I was there about 15 years ago from tago and I want to write and then think how you want you can call me paranoid your right.
For me, the main thing is that I saw and it will remain with me.
Your books are splendidly inspired by new trends,
no one wrote against people. Let them look at themselves from the outside
maybe there will be a lesson.

23:52, 07.11.2006




Falcorr, observance of elementary rules of spelling and punctuation demonstrates respect for the interlocutor.

Draco, I have read several of your books, including the recently written story “The 9th Line”. Of course, they are all very interesting, and I read them with pleasure. But, from the moment I read "Wrath of the Dragon", I was interested in the question: WHY cause dragons so much pain if you like them so much? Why is almost every second dragon a broken fate and dreams strangled in the bud? I hoped that this would continue only throughout the first books, but "The 9th Line" showed that my hopes were in vain...
Sincerely, Torlean

02:40, 27.11.2006




Good day. The site is just amazing!!

And let Drakia always be herself... ..let Drakia always be simple!
so that anyone in whom the spirit languishes or the heart of a dragon beats, no matter how far he is from home, can always fly in his native sky...

00:40, 17.01.2007



City: Hjcnjd-yf-Ljye

First of all, I want to say - this is truly the BEST site I have ever seen. Secondly, I want to say that your books pulled me in immediately and for a long time. In general, thank you for your creativity, both literary and design!

16:56, 17.03.2007



Irkutsk city

How nice it is sometimes to go to Drakia after the gaudy banners and advertisements of tasteless sites that have filled the Web.
I never cease to admire the skill of the designer and programmer rolled into one!

21:50, 07.04.2007



angry puffer fish
city: peter

Thank you so much for the amazing books, for the interesting site and in general for EVERYTHING!!! 🙂

17:08, 15.04.2007



Atshena (do not ask for name)
Moscow city

I read a couple of novels, namely “A Time for Dragons” and “Wrath of the Dragon.” I really, really enjoyed it. And I played Dragons of Might and Magic. The map gave me a lot of pleasure.
In general - prosperity to you and your site, Draco :)

21:25, 07.06.2007



city: *******

So far, I've only read Dragon's Wrath and Black Sunrise, and half of Black Flames. I have not yet seen such saturation in the informational sense almost anywhere. Reading sometimes caused a storm of emotions in me. In short, many more can be enumerated various words of praise for these works, but they do it without me. I can safely say that I have not read or even watched anything more interesting and exciting. I wish the author all the best that one can wish for, and I really want a film or game based on the above works to be created. It also seems to me that writing, well, at least "Wrath of the Dragon" is a colossal work, not to mention other works.

19:38, 04.03.2008



city: Armavir
Home page: don't know

Bitter books. To put it figuratively, these books are poison that poisons the soul, and makes you understand that everything must be done to prevent this from happening, and how unpleasant it is sometimes to look at people from the outside. By the way, regarding the works of Sapkowski, your books are very similar, they also try to talk about cruelty, and the heroes, well, each reader assigns himself heroes.

22:29, 06.05.2008




Salute) I don’t know if you are reading this section or have already quit, but nevertheless I want to unsubscribe.
I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Lockhard was just a nickname (I was sure it was his real name). It is much more pleasant to read books by a person who was born and lives with you on the same continent - I don’t know why, psychology, probably). I once bought books at bargain bins, but now, due to the lack of decent reading material, I decided to re-read them. I found out that there are as many as 8 books in Dictators (I only read 3, and then randomly), I’ll download it tomorrow) there will be something to do on the subway and at work)
Oh, and one more thing: I would like to know how exactly the idea of Rynn as a world was born?) Interesting, damn it!)
Actually, here. The stream of thought has dried up, probably because it’s already midnight) I hope you haven’t completely broken away from the readers, like some modern authors (we won’t point fingers), and answer the reader =)
Then leave to be happy, Cyborg.

00:56, 08.05.2008



Stas Slonsky

Egris, hello, I hope you remember me, we studied at 128 together ..
In any case, your site made me wildly delighted, it is definitely the BEST flash site I have ever seen! BRAVO!!! And of course its content is unique and very interesting!!! In short, well done! I understand that you don’t like this matter, but I will be very glad if you still manage to answer!
Good luck!

13:00, 30.06.2008



city: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

I read the latest works - “Shadows and Dust” and “Event Horizon”. I really liked it! I'm looking forward to the next masterpieces.

13:06, 03.10.2008



city: Nizhny Novgorod

I came across your sai by chance, I was immediately interested in its design, and I was surprised to learn that it was dedicated to dragons. I read Wrath of the Dragon, this story immediately took my breath away, it was so interesting to read that I couldn’t put it down (I read it in 2 days) a very interesting story, and there were some interesting ideas. I'm downloading the second book, I hope it will be just as interesting......

03:09, 27.12.2008



city: Nizhny Novgorod

By chance, while searching for fantasy, I found the work “Wrath of the Dragon,” although in one of the electronic libraries.

The work touched my feelings very strongly, perhaps I had never seen anything worse before this book; for the first time in a very long time I read something for more than 18 hours at a time. While reading the work, I was no longer in this world...

The work is a masterpiece! I saw a lot in Dragon's Wrath. The work of its kind opens up a view of the world from the outside; there is a lot in the work that you can think about. . . The author managed to show in the book everything he had in mind!


I also read several other works, but my favorite was "Wrath of the Dragon"

The site "Drakia" is probably the best, at least of those that I have seen, dedicated to Dragons.

I wish the Author all the best, good luck and inspiration.

03:32, 09.01.2009



city: Izhevsk

Thank you so much for all your hard work, the dragon books are amazing! And the mix of science and magic is mesmerizing!! Thanks again!! This site is truly one of the best!

21:13, 05.07.2009




Great stories. Thank you. I'm glad you didn't stop writing. I'm looking forward to large format works. 🙂

00:35, 20.07.2009



Moscow city

I really liked your books, they are simply wonderful! They just have a lot of emotions! Other books are dryly written compared to yours! I’m currently reading the “Dictators” series, I’ve only read the first four books so far, but it’s fascinating!

14:23, 22.07.2009



city: Volgograd

Dear Draco! I sincerely admire your creativity. Now I’m re-reading “The Dictators” for the umpteenth time. It is a masterpiece. The characters are so lively, interesting and realistic... The plot is completely captivating from the first pages! Unfortunately, I only read in electronic form, because... I didn’t find a single book in stores in Volgograd... I would also really like to buy audiobooks of “Dictators”. They exist? Thanks in advance for your answer. I’ve been playing the online game about the post-nuclear world Timezero for almost 5 years. I took the nickname VING. This dragon became especially close to me. Thank you again for the new life found in your books. Andrey, 33 years old (born like you, in the year of the Dragon 😉

17:47, 15.08.2009



city: town. Zelenoborsky

Hello, dear Draco! I am a long-time fan of dragons (albeit mainly the dragons of Pavel Shumil, it was from his books that I formed the image of a dragon) and it was on his website that I came across your argument “Cat vs Skie”. I read it and became interested in "Who is this author - George Lockhard?" and began to search. After some work, I came across "Dracia" and slowly began to read your books... When I read the novel "A Time for Dragons" I felt SO sorry for the dragon Shadow that I cried! I smeared tears down my cheeks and read on... But I would like to ask you a question: After the storm "Kosha vs Skie" Pavel Shumil in the story "Short Flights of Stealth" (and in some of his other stories) mentions that the incubators were closed . That is, in his universe there is at least one point of interaction with your Drakian one. But after that I didn’t see any mention of YOUR characters in his books, nor in yours HIS. But they know each other! Civilizations have begun to unite! Arakiti set Maya on the right path! Why did it happen that the universes united, but not about both writers in silence? I really hope for your answer.
Sincerely, Alexey Fedorov, a student of school number 6 and your fan.

PS I hope that even when you turn 90 we will still read your new books about Drakia!

23:15, 23.08.2009




Hello Draco! The Wikipedia article about you says that you are known as an active and convinced atheist. But what is your activity? For example, Richard Dawkins wrote the atheistic book “The God Delusion”, it became a bestseller, translated into many languages, it is read, discussed, that is, it has a real impact on society. I think you could write a book just as good, given your literary talent.

20:07, 08.09.2009



city: Lipetsk

Hello Draco. I first became acquainted with your work by chance, there was a book sale and I caught my eye on one with the image of a large lizard and the title “Rising of the Black Sun”, I decided to buy it... After reading it, crazy delight followed! (It is very rare that a dragon is not a wild beast, but an intelligent creature.) And the idea of making them an interstellar race is wonderful!
But I would really like to know when the long-awaited continuation of the “Dictators” series will appear?...

20:51, 22.11.2009



city: Yaroslavl

I read one of your books (though, I started reading it quite recently...), but you can feel the whole depth of the emotions invested in them, that when you read, you feel the experiences, passions, joys of the characters in the book, you even truly sympathize... .
In general, I wholeheartedly approve of the idea of making a film based on the book <<Wrath of the Dragon>>, because... this book is the best of the proposed works, and I especially want to note the depth of the emotional experiences of the characters, as well as the unique artistic style of writing the work; Surely other books are no worse... I think that only the most EMOTIONAL person can not be imbued with the idea contained in this WONDERFUL book.
Actually, what I want to say is THANK YOU!...

22:28, 03.01.2010



city: pos. Pribelsk
Home page:

I read one of your books about 6 years ago. I liked it so much I started looking for more. It hooked on the soul, changed the views on the world, on the actions and behavior of people. There are many wrongs and injustices in our world.

20:03, 05.01.2010



city: Yaroslavl

I got acquainted with your work recently, but I already managed to fall in love with it.
In the modern “world”, in the age of technological, social, economic and other “revolutions”, many people lack warmth, hope, kindness...

20:06, 06.01.2010



city: Yaroslavl

Although those dark times have passed, when because of religion, money (albeit not entirely), politics (the situation has hardly changed...) wars raged and millions (if not billions!) of people died, but people’s desire for ideals does not has changed. Let it be through creativity, but you force people to change (albeit not always (that is, sometimes the idea of fighting for ideals turns into fanaticism (as is the situation with knightly orders and many Catholic countries))) their opinion and themselves (spiritually). Although many people can improve themselves without creativity (spiritual practices of Eastern countries), it is writers who have such power to influence the minds and thoughts of people (without even(!) thinking about the benefit for themselves), change views on life in society and on ourselves. Even if not many people don’t understand this (or don’t realize it (or don’t want to realize it (or just don’t know))), but they change, change for the better (or for the worse (it’s convenient)), change the world around them and they themselves don't suspect(!). It is our imagination, our feelings (and not the blind and cold-blooded dictation of reason (!)), our desires that move us to actions that we could not commit under other circumstances (!). People themselves create idols and ideals for themselves (as long as this does not lead to blind fanaticism (I repeat again)), and go towards the fulfillment of their desires and dreams (sometimes without even thinking about the consequences (but sometimes they follow the lead of their desires and fantasies)) . Everyone coming to this site is looking for something different, but most still want to communicate (but someone (like me) is looking here (and not only here) for spiritual growth) and these are not just words). I think this and you understand it yourself.
But you can write a whole book and still say nothing.
A 17-year-old teenager from Yaroslavl writes to you who has seen a lot in his life, but is still not disappointed in people.
In general: on behalf of all visitors to the site (this includes you, citizen), I want to say only one thing - SPA SI BO!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:06, 06.01.2010



city: Kaluga

I got here by a link from Pavel Shumilov's website.
I read some of your books and stories (after reading the material on the site about Drakia and dragons). What can I say - I have always admired writers who created not individual works, but entire worlds where everything is justified. Dragons of Drakia are probably one of the ideal images of intelligent beings (lack of wars, psychology in relation to family, children and relatives, lack of religion, which made it possible to achieve scientific and technological revolution and sacrifices). A number of the vices of humanity are alien to these creatures. Although... could such a civilization exist somewhere in the galaxy? Personally, I find it difficult to answer. I finished reading the first three books of the Dictators series, and read almost all the stories. Alas, I don’t feel like (yet!) re-reading the cycles to the end - perhaps I was somehow scared off by the presence of “magic” in the books.
However, your work has already found its way onto my “favorites” shelf.
So good luck to you!
P.S. Your site is really well designed - it makes your eyes wide open when you look through the page.

21:41, 11.02.2010



Andrey Knurre

Regarding books.
a) I can say: non-standard and exciting. Of course it is possible,
grumble about flaws in technology and physics... However, I think there will be
who grumble without me. Also, this is not a guide or textbook.
b) Concerning names and titles. I am not a rabid fan
copyright protection, but borrowed titles cause
associations... While reading, I remembered both “The Saga of the Spear” and
"The Witch World" and "The Lord of the Rings" and "Riders of Pern" and "The Word
about the dragon "... Exercise for memory is probably useful, but these associations
somewhat confusing. In addition, the poor Gloom was left like that
killer, although they repainted 🙂 .
c) IMHO, the later books of the cycle are gradually moving away from pacifism. Instead of
the wording “Whoever raised the sword will die by the sword” we get “a tooth for
tooth." An attempt to film "Stars on Wings" (in the form
the plot is clear from the chronology), in my opinion, it will cause a surge
d) I wonder if you would like to live at the base of that rock that



Guest book archive

Here you can download or view the archive of the guest book of the Drakia website, where over a thousand reviews have accumulated over the years of its existence.

13 отзывов про “Отзывы читателей
  • Umnicopitec


    The books are fascinating and very easy to read, they have a vibrant style and a fairly strong plot. In general, it’s interesting to watch how the author gets better and writes better every time. I really liked the second novel from The Dictators, just great. Whereas I couldn’t read “Red Dragon”))).

    Now I want to apologize, because slippers will fly further. Criticism is very harsh, almost on the verge of trollism. Please do not get angry, do not get upset, everything written below is purely my IMHO. But especially impressionable fans are better off not reading))).

    Lots of American. Lots of direct borrowing. When you read, you think: he took it from there, this from there, and then from here. They are inserted into the work almost in its original form and are striking.
    A lot of pathos in unnecessary places. In general, a lot of pathos. Because of him, the drama turns out to be feigned.
    And yet, you shouldn’t consider your readers stupider than yourself. People may suck, but many can still distinguish original thoughts and ideas from showing off. Seriously, it looks like it was written by a teenager. It seems that this teenager is desperately trying to pass for smart, talking about “smart” things, presenting his reasoning as revelations. Although, to be honest, they don’t even smell of any serious philosophy. It looks very stupid.
    Even the fact that the author is a techie is hard to believe - the technologies are described with gross errors, in the worst Western traditions. This is rather strange. Considering that the Internet with Wikipedia is at hand, and there should be a library in the city, knowledge gaps would be easy to fill.

    Once again, I apologize if some of the attacks seemed unreasonable, or unnecessarily harsh. )

  • S.

    When we read books, we often become books ourselves... and, sad as it may be, we forget about ourselves. Maybe we should finally turn around and say “ENOUGH”? Time and pain have laughed at us enough. So, Draco, do you really LIKE to continue the terror? The authors of the Saga like how dragons are killed. And you like how they suffer. You didn't have enough pain in YOUR time. This makes you no different from them. And you never took criticism seriously. If she goes against you. No one was able to communicate with you in a serious tone for a long time. Remember that you create your own world. Is this how you want to see him? We're not even talking about books now. but about the soul as such. Where is she? Not the one who is now indignantly reading the post. And yours. Real.
    - Dragons?
    - It is a myth.
    - Like all of us.

  • klon

    All of Draco's books are imbued with a genuine hatred of violence and war. When writing books, Draco invested part of his soul, his emotions. There is a lot of violence in his books - yes, but at the same time, Draco’s writing talent is revealed in describing the most joyful moments of the heroes’ lives. Many people see only violence in Draco’s books, not noticing how much beauty and beauty there is. You shouldn't even listen to those who think so. I personally admire you Draco both as a writer and as a person in general. You write the best dragon books and the best science fiction of all time. In general, continue to delight us with your works and good luck to you.

  • Лена

    George! Sorry not Draco!!! For me, you are much more than this image !!!)))
    As a little girl, I happened to be around in some games and forums. I didn't even believe when you said you were a real writer, you talked so much about administration, programming and design. But I enjoyed reading the chapters and stories you suggested to your friends. They brought me to the world of Andre Norton, Pavel Shumil and others (just don't be angry at Norton again, you are both incomparably incomparable), where I flew for more than a year.
    This spring, my boyfriend gave me a link to Drakia. I didn’t like the design, and once again I re-read everything that I could with it in its entirety on, with completely different eyes, I don’t like to re-read, but in the books everything was different, not like on the forums... I spent 2 months collecting puzzles of memories. Now I am still delighted with the books and with this design of Drakia, and with the drawings and illustrations. I don't like and don't know how to write reviews. But I read several critical posts above and I want to say that your influence on the majority of those around you, both as a person and as a writer, is only good and kind. I don’t know what you’re like in real life (but about your cats...oooooh))), and I don’t have much understanding of technical intricacies, much less creative disputes about plagiarism.
    All the heroes are so different and at the same time, you can find yourself in almost everyone, and not be any of them. (But Veitochka and Taiga... I even forgot that they are a lizard and a dragon) Yes, sometimes, the violence seems to bring tears, it’s too much of a shame. And I want to beg, rewrite, change... I think those who read your books not only travel in the wonderful world of illusions, but also, having walked through it, become stronger, wiser and kinder in real life. Don't be angry with those who call you a teenager.
    Even I didn’t see through you as a completely adult person, and I thought that you were 22-25 years old. Not by mistakes, but by ease of communication. In which there is so much simplicity and intelligence.
    I like that you don't stoop to the level of teenagers, don't flirt with them with primitive slang and simplified language. And you don’t indulge adults with excessive household rubbish and cynicism.
    It is very interesting sometimes to feel fragments of other works in your books. It's so exciting to guess what kind of development they will get from you. Do not allow yourself to break and fix your dragon world to please others. Only if you yourself will feel that it is necessary, that somewhere you have hurried or missed something.

  • NskDragon

    Greetings. I recently finished reading all the books. By either the third or the fourth it seemed that you were a misanthrope, and if you had a warehouse of nuclear bombs, you would have bombed the whole thing. It’s strange to read books in which 100% people are creatures, bastards, freaks who dream of killing dragons, cutting them into pieces and throwing them in the trash. This is exactly what comes to mind. I don’t know how many tons of dirt you and your admirers will throw at me because of this comment, but I will have at least 10 minuses. Oh yes, I completely forgot: when I started reading Shumil’s books, I was simply amazed: if compared with your books , in which interest is inflated only by high emotionality and the number of corpses per square meter, it is written there in an interesting, fascinating way, using the Russian language, so 50 percent more than yours.
    PS There is one more component that infuriates you in your books - incompleteness.
    PPS You can ban me, but Tor still exists.

  • Альтир

    Funny "objective" comment. I will answer from a life point of view, and not as a reader.
    The point here is that people consider man to be the crown of creation, the chosen one, sacred and inviolable. And if someone criticizes any human qualities or traits, he is a man-hater. And if there is a lot of criticism and it is justified, he is an evil misanthrope. So everyone needs to enthusiastically repeat the memorized “Man - that sounds proud!”
    As for the specific case, it is not clear why it was necessary to read if there was a biased attitude from the beginning? It is clear that you will find what you are looking for, and nothing else.

    PS: Agree that such positive heroes as Jihan, Negoro, Arakiti (although rather an anti-hero), as well as secondary characters, for example, Dugan, Dick, Borg with Kao, Domenic, Khakas with Goju (and other “Japanese”) ...; they are all not people, since the author’s people are all 100% negative, huh?

  • Аноним

    NskDragon, I absolutely agree, I don’t understand at all how it is possible to turn humanity as a whole into a “virus” by promoting the fact that war is idiotic and you need to live and let others live 😮?! If the first books were very interesting and “normal”, then the latter turn into the work of a misanthrope who believes that each dragon is worth, uh, 50 billion versus 10 thousand = five lemons, this is no longer a tooth for a tooth, but a skeleton for a tooth?!? IMHO this caused me a strong attack of xenophobia and a desire to never see your books again 😡, but they are too interesting :-*. Regarding another answer to Nsk's post - you named Negoro, Jihan, etc., there are less than 10 people in total, in relation to 50 billion this means that 99.99999998% of humanity deserves to be destroyed :o? Yes, you, Draco, are really a misanthrope and a man-phobe. I will always be for people as a species, since you cannot judge 50 billion by the actions of thousands, this is nonsense. I said everything. :-*

  • Феникс

    And I also noticed that Draco does not have a single positive female character from the human race AT ALL (and don’t tell me about Araciti! She became a dragoness, that is, was “the chosen one”), so that she would be smart, beautiful and kind. If it does come across it, it definitely turns out that it is either a dragon, or a dinosaur, or something else. It's a shame, to be honest... Draco, it turns out, is also a misogynist.
    PS But I support Shumil.
    PPS And one more thing: yes, there are freaks and scoundrels in the human race. But where are they not? An ideally correct race is a utopia, a fantasy, a dream, for it is from the diversity of personalities and characters that a normal society is formed. Otherwise he smells like cardboard a mile away...

  • Tyrannosaurus

    I still remember the day when I decided to meet Draco...
    No, I haven’t read his literature... I’m not a book lover... Just a dragon lover...
    It became very interesting for me to get to know him and I took and found his ICQ number.
    The conversation didn’t work out as such, he ignored me after I read just one chapter of his story and said that I liked it... I know that most likely my message will be deleted... This is very fair ( among so many fans) but I was very disappointed and offended... Until now... And I didn’t even receive an apology... It’s a shame... But I wrote... Maybe he’ll remember...
    After all, I didn’t want anything bad, and as a result, they offended me.
    It so happened that the one who writes about dragons, for the same lovers of them, sent away his reader, practically the one for whom this book was intended.
    By the way, I wanted to read his stories then.
    I just wanted to express my opinion.

  • Александр Сергеевич

    Everything written below is my personal opinion. I’m 23, I know little about the author under discussion, I’ll just say one thing: the book “Rusty Dragons” is nothing more than graphomania on the theme of DragonLance. This is my IMHO, and I was and have been interested in the DragonLance series for 8 years, reread Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman 10 times, compared my opinions and criticism of these writers (it was REALLY interesting). Having read the above book, I can confidently say: my friend Artyom Fuganov writes better on the topic of dragons, and he is 18. Dear Giorgi Egriselashvili, write about anything, but not on the topic of DragonLance, I ask you. You can't do it, well, honestly.

  • Дмитрий

    Your works are very interesting, I have read more than 10 already, I'm not good at expressing my feelings, so I'll just say: YOU ARE THE SECOND PERSON TO WRITE SOMETHING LIKE AND VERY FUN!! !!!!!!!!!!!
    I've been looking for a site like this for a long time
    Here is the first thing I read:
    about how the first dragon, without a memory of himself but with the memory of the progress of people, was able to become great... in general, read it and you will understand everything.

  • Паша

    I at one time many years ago managed to download it, the 2nd Eden!! like all the books in the series, I read it in one breath))))
    The end, of course, is not over... Eagle, Liar Torres, Ahriman and Hayate somehow got to the emperor of people on a starship, at the moment they wanted to teleport somewhere (I don’t know how they managed to intercept the Dictator during teleportation), and they can’t use the Force 😥 and then they are overtaken by the ship of Ravana Demon and that’s the end!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! I was fucking biting my elbows as to what would happen next... and now there’s no continuation (((((((( ((((

    If Draco doesn't mind, I can donate the book to those who can't find it without question. Write!!

  • Илья

    I want to give you absolutely sincere advice - do physical exercise 😉 In fact, it does not take as much time as it might seem at first glance. As a candidate for master of sports, I can answer questions on the topic if they suddenly arise.

    Sincerely, your reader.

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