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Drakan: Tiamat Mode

The unique and wonderful game Drakan at one time became the world's first dragon flight simulator (DragonStrike does not count for EGA). The wise red dragon Arokh and his partner, the powerful girl Riin :), fought Evil in search of the Rune Blade. ...
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Find yourself in the world of fantasy

"Find Yourself in a Fantasy World" is an electronic test that allows you to determine what kind of fantastic creature you could become in fabulous fantasy universes. The program does not require installation ...
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Mice & Mayhem

I rarely talk about this to anyone, but I am a longtime and loyal fan of the Chip and Dale series (or rather, its world and atmosphere) ...
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Dragons of Might and Magic

A large campaign based on the Drakia books for the 4th part of the "Heroes of Might & Magic" strategy. Closely associated with it is the science fiction novel The Ninth Line, available from the BOOKS section...
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