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Where there are no birds

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The reader will travel to the 23rd century AD, under the surface of Venus. The crew of the research station "Phoenix" is studying strange crystals that allow you to mentally "observe" events that took place millions of years ago.

  • 01. Written by: 2011, 2020
  • 02.Type: Novel
  • 03. Genre: Science fiction
  • 04. Volume: 25 a. l., 967520 sign.
  • 05. Issued: Yes, in a magazine
  • 06. Language: Russian


The reader will travel to the 23rd century AD, under the surface of Venus. Research Station Crew"Phoenix"is studying strange crystals that allow you to mentally "observe" events that took place millions of years ago. Scientists do not even suspect that, in fact, crystals connect eras, and soon people will be discovered by warriors of another intelligent race, whose existence, until now, has remained to humanity completely unknown...

A roar ripped open the sky, and she ran from the blinding Beast, which, in an instant, made the Sun dim. She ran, and stones rushed under her feet, bushes reached out to her with smoldering branches, and she rushed from side to side, and heard the groaning of thousand-year-old trees, breaking under the onslaught of the Beast, like crystal dandelions. The heat caught up with her, and she screamed and fell, but rose again, trembling, lost in her dreams.
The air burned her from the inside, her consciousness became confused, and she threw herself off the cliff into the ocean, but the ocean was no more. She got up, crying, and limped on as the sky went mad, the world thrashed furiously in agony. Another blow splashed the ground, she screamed. Fear deprived her of the strength to look back, but she felt the Beast rushing after her, saw his smell, heard the oil flowing from bared mandibles. Stones rushed to her face, she fell into a crack and cringed as the Beast swept right next to her, searing her with heat, tearing a scream out of her soul.
Shaking, she got up. The ashen plain engulfed her with horror, took away the last of her strength, and she collapsed to her knees in hot dust. Behind her, her destroyed paradise was dying in the womb of an insatiable flame, and the Beast was already looking around in search of new prey, and she firmly knew that this was the end, and it was pointless to continue to fight, but still she trembled, stretched into the darkness with scorched hope.
-I'm here! She was grabbed by the shoulders, pressed to her chest. - I'm here!
She screamed, they hugged her tighter.
-Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid, dear!
Tears. How were cold tears preserved in this fiery world?.. She sobbed, and the hands of her beloved caressed her, his shadow covered from the burning sky, his voice defeated the growing rumble.
-Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid... I'm here...
She didn't want to open her eyes.
"You made it," her lips whispered. She pressed herself against his quivering chest. - Now it's not scary. We will leave together. I'm not afraid.
-No! - He grabbed her by the shoulders, looked into her face with insane caress. We won't leave, love! Do you hear? Let's not leave!
She choked with hope.
“I almost… I almost believed… That you won’t make it in time…” the fiery Beast approached, the heat of his breath evaporated tears.
"We won't leave," his native voice whispered affectionately. - Don't cry, darling, don't cry... We will be remembered, which means we will live. We will still see the light of the stars, my dear, we will fly over the lakes and drink the dawn nectar, I will decorate your eyelashes with a rainbow sparkle and laughter will ring out in the moon song ...
She smiled, and continued to smile, even as the fiery Beast, with a furious, hungry scream, tore their bodies, all-powerful in its rage, powerless against a tiny smile.
And the Beast, realizing this, screamed in mortal agony, but there was no one to hear him. No one to hug and whisper - "I'm here"

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Where there are no birds

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    • lacrit

      Fabulous. I read it in a day. Oh, sorry it's not enough.

    • Ilia

      Oh, well, I knew that I shouldn’t start reading Draco’s works at night looking))) As a result, today I was sleepy and lost all day, but I got an incomparable pleasure from reading an excellent SF.

    • KpoxaPy

      Thanks a lot for the book! >^_^< Looking forward to the release.

    • Таеаур ранееРазиель

      I'm reading slowly, I like it very much, thank you)))

    • suschestwo

      Thanks Draco! Wonderful book! 9I wonder what will happen next?

    • Crazy Dragon

      This, IMHO, is the best work.

    • Андрей

      And someone in the know: the continuation is in the process of writing or not yet?

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