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A free continuation of the trilogy "DragonLance" by M. Weiss and T. Hickman. In contrast to the similar "Wrath of the Dragon", here the action takes place precisely on Krynn, and many heroes of the Spear Saga participate in the novel.

  • 01. Written by: 1997
  • 02.Type: Novel
  • 03. Genre: Heroic fantasy
  • 04. Volume: 271921 sign
  • 05. Issued: No.
  • 09. Language: Russian


Free continuation of the trilogy "DragonLance"M. Weiss and T. Hickman. Unlike similar in idea"Wrath of the Dragon", here the action takes place precisely on Krynn, and many heroes of the Saga of the Spear participate in the novel.

Advanced Dragons & Dungeons
Advanced Dragons and Dungeons

This is not a typo or an error. It's Dragons and Dungeons. Probably many Fantasy fans know about the famous TSR series known as AD&D.
This abbreviation stands for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. There are several different "worlds" in the series, such as "RavenLoft", "The Dark Sun", "Forgotten Realms" and, of course, "DragonLance".
I believe that all self-respecting connoisseurs of science fiction have heard of this famous cycle. "DragonLance"- a classic of heroic fantasy - was created in the early 80s by a well-known company of role-playing and board games TSR Inc..
At the moment, the series has over 115 works and no less number of computer games. Only 13 books were published in Russian.
The first, and so far the best novels of the cycle - a trilogy "Saga of the Spear". Often (and incorrectly) the entire cycle is called by this name. The trilogy consists of novels "Dragons of Autumn Twilight", "Winter night dragons" And "Spring Dawn Dragons". They have an unbroken storyline - the adventures of a group of heroes led by Tanis Half-elf, and their fight against the goddess of Evil.
The novels were created by Tracey Hickman and Margaret Weiss in the first half of the 80s. Later, they also wrote the fourth book, which received the name "Summer afternoon dragons", and also published in Russian. However, most fans of the series (including me) were unhappy with the new novel. By all accounts, it is far inferior to the original trilogy.

Why am I giving all these details? It’s just that the book that you intend to read (or don’t intend to, or have already read 🙂 ) is a continuation (or rather, an alternative development) of the trilogy "Saga of the Spear".
In order to preserve the copyright of the company TSR, the planet where the action takes place was named Rynn (instead of Krynn). However, all geographical points, heroes and historical events are left intact.
The plot begins at the end of the novelSpring Dawn Dragons". I allowed myself to create an "alternative" version of the development of subsequent events. The book is as close to the original as possible, and the only "mistake" I made was Kitiara's daughter Ut'Motar. (In the original, she gave birth to a son).

To complete the picture, I will give the names of the books, the events of which are somehow affected in this novel.

"Saga of the Spear"- direct background, epigraphs.
"Master of the spear"- the legend of the Sword of Suffering, the legend of Fire.
"Tales of the Lance- theology and history of the origin of the world.
"Weasel's luck- an epigraph to one of the chapters.

Note to those who have already read my other books: this novel has nothing to do with the Dictators series, despite some familiar names.

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DragonReader is a complete book reader that runs right in your browser. Ideal for both reading from mobile devices and from the monitor.
Real3D Flipbook is a PDF reader, very beautiful and technological, but not so easy to read on small screens.
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