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Might and Magic

Based on the Drakia books, a large campaign for the 4th part of the Heroes of Might & Magic strategy. The science fiction novel The Ninth Line, available from the BOOKS section, is closely related to it.

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Dragons of Might and Magic

A large campaign based on the Drakia books for the 4th part of the "Heroes of Might & Magic" strategy. The science fiction novel "The Ninth Line" is closely related to it, available from the "BOOKS" section.

  • 01. Created: 2003
  • 02.Type: A game
  • 03. Genre: fantasy
  • 04. Volume: 1.6 mb
  • 05. Issued: Yes, officially
  • 06. Language: Russian, English, German

...A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, there lived a small team of talented developers called "New World Computing". They released quite a few games, some of which were masterpieces (Inherit the Earth, for example), but the Might 'n' Magic series of games brought them the greatest fame. The series where "Heroes of Might 'n' Magic" was born.
In the beginning, these games were Masterpieces with a capital M. I remember how much pleasure and joy the second part of "Heroes" gave me. It was simply impossible to break away from her.
And then the big 3DO firm bought the New World Computing team and everything changed. The third part of "Heroes" has already brought many (and me) disappointment, as the game moved away from the original fabulousness in the direction of an ugly imitation of AD'n'D clones. There appeared artifacts from the flesh of dragons and dragon cities, intended only for robbery, angels, devils, demons and other abominations came from stupid Christian mythology.
But all this turned out to be just an introduction to the next "miracle" from 3DO, the so-called. addon - "Armageddon's blade", commissioned by the church. This "game" almost brought me to a nervous breakdown and forced me to write the novel Black Sunrise. In a nutshell, it was all about slaying dragons. Not war with dragons, namely extermination - for sports and entertainment purposes. The main "hero", the magician Dracon, was the son of the most famous dragon slayer, and dreamed of becoming the best killer in history. To this end, his assistants have bred a new race of Crystal Dragons so that the Dracon can train in assassination.
The goal of the game was to find and slay the last Azure Dragons, an endangered species of sentient beings that hunters had exterminated, as "The Azure Dragon is the best prey a dragon slayer could dream of." I have never met a more fascist and vile creation than this "child" of 3DO. 🙁
The hatred of the Heroes TV series poisoned my heart for almost two years before subsiding a bit. Although I still growl at any mention of this game. However, the 4th part of "Heroes" was recently released, where for the first time it became possible to develop a map with the main character NOT HUMAN. The new scripting language made it possible to crack the primitive "defaults" and the campaign I made finally took on a decent shape. The central character there is naturally a dragon (Kite), and his task is to find and destroy Dracon. Along the way, wiping out all the filthy hunters from the face of the earth, poisoning the clean, fabulous air of that world.
The "Dragons of Might 'n' Magic" scenario is an RPG based on the Heroes 4 engine. The main difference between "Dragons of Might 'n' Magic" and other maps is that here the lion's share of the time the player has to control not the "hero", but Dragon - a separate army, which, thanks to the intensive use of scripts, is in no way inferior to standard heroes. However, later, as the plot develops, heroes appear. The main focus is on exploring the game world, talking with NPCs and completing their tasks, as well as, of course, on battles and the development of your city.
"Dragons of Might 'n' Magic" won the Igromania magazine competition and took first place among over 380 entries. The author (i.e. me 🙂) was solemnly awarded the Cambridge SoundWorks home cinema, and my work was called a "masterpiece" and "classic for many years" by the editorial board of the magazine. "Dragons of Might 'n' Magic" was also included in the list of the twenty-two best HoMM maps of all time (according to AG.RU). Moreover, my campaign was published by pirates on the disk "Heroes: Lord of the Rings" (!!! I would like to know what Tolkien has to do with it). I do not regret that the pirates published it without permission; the more people play it, the more they will think about the fate of the Dragons in the games...
The prehistory of the plot is detailed in the file "The Story.txt". The game action begins in the world of Dragons (an adjacent dimension relative to Axeoth), eight years after the events described in the prehistory. This is an ancient, peaceful and calm country where the Winged Ones live without much worries. The main character is the young golden dragon Kite (on the map, his role is played by the faerie dragon). During the game, Kite will have to get to Akseot, where the unfair laws of the M'n'M universe reign, learn about the fate of his relatives who became victims of hunters and killers, save the bewitched young dragoness Hayate, and go with her in search of the main killer - Agkhan Dracon ( from Armageddon's Blade), destroy it, discover the terrible secret of the gods that destroyed Erathia, and find a time machine to fly into the past and prevent the death of the whole world. The plot is completely non-linear; it is up to the player how the scenario ends. The game process is nothing like the standard "kill-them-all" hero task, there is a lot of text (~ 96kb) and several interconnected quests, each of which changes depending on the results of the other. Any counter unit on the map - no matter if enemy or neutral - can talk to you, many join the army. It is impossible to complete the game without reading the messages.

The game is available as:

1) Automatic installer (1700k)
Installation package that includes the Russian and English versions of the "Dragons of Might and Magic" campaign, as well as its continuation - the scenario "Independence Day"

2) H4C files (755k)
The same as in the previous paragraph, but without the installer (you will have to manually copy the files to the folder with the installed game "Heroes of Might & Magic 4")

3) German version (205k)
The translation of "Dragons of Might and Magic" into German was made by their fan from Germany under the nickname Koni

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Dragons of Might and Magic
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  • Created: March 3, 2023
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Dragons of Might and Magic